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Why I still write on paper

My grandkids will never read my shenanigans from files on a CD in the attic. ~Alicia Katz I recently realized that while I thrive in a digital world, if anything ever happened to me, my creative writing would be lost forever. Even my family wouldn’t think to open up my laptop and pour through my files, […]

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Is that website down, or is it me?

You know how frustrating it is when a website stops working, or your email won’t send. It just gets worse when you reboot your computer, reboot your router, and it still doesn’t work. Do you wait? Do you start messing around with your settings? Before you start mucking around and making things worse, check out […]

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QuickBooks Setup, Troubleshooting, and Training

QuickBooks Problem solved!

I love it when I work with a client to troubleshoot their QuickBooks file, and I accidentally find them money, or solve a dispute. This week I helped a company whose QB for Mac was set up a long time ago, and has been used incorrectly ever since. I showed them how to properly invoice and […]

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QuickBooks Setup & Training

How to Reset the QBO for Mac App

If you use QuickBooks Online (QBO) on a Mac, there’s an app for that, and you can click here to get it. It’s almost exactly like QBO through Safari or Chrome, but because it works as a desktop application, it’s a little faster. You still need a QBO subscription, and an internet connection. The app stores […]

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Learn Excel in 3 Hours Flat Class in Portland, OR

Quick Tips: Multiple Selections in Excel

Here’s another one of my time-saving Microsoft Excel tips. If you need to make changes to several parts of your spreadsheet at once, don’t highlight each one and make the changes individually. Make multiple selections at one time instead! In this example, I want to select the labels from my Expenses column and the totals from […]

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