What Has Royalwise Been Up To This Week?

by | Apr 7, 2020

Hi everyone, Jamie here.

Just wanted to let you know what we, here at Royalwise Solutions, have been up to these last couple of weeks.

Zoom MeetingsAlicia, Jef, and I have been giving FREE weekly classes to teach people how to use the Zoom internet video platform for Meetings and Webinars. I want to thank all of you who participated in my Zoom classes, and I greatly appreciate all the kind feedback.

Our first “How to Use Zoom” class had 50+ attendees; our second class peaked with 85+, and this last Friday 30+ people gathered virtually to learn. If you would like to take this course, click here!

Last Friday, we also introduced a paid class to teach people how to Host their own meetings. It’s great for any of you who want to create a Zoom and invite other people to it. Click here to learn how to be a Zoom Host!

I have another soon-to-be-published blog article to address the recent news about Zoom, including how you should adjust the Zoom settings to ensure your privacy. Keep an eye out for it this week.

In addition to my teaching, btw (by the way), I have also been keeping up with my normal client support work. Thanks to all of you who are keeping me pretty busy! I will always make time available to you when you have timely issues or emergencies.

Let me also tell you about some of the innovation that is happening at Royalwise. In the past, when you had a new computer to set up, I would drive out to your house. But this week I completed two new Apple computer deployments — virtually! — with full data transfer and configuration. It takes a little more pre-work, and my clients had to do the unboxing and physical setup themselves, but both projects were quite successful. I am pleased to say I can offer this service with complete confidence.

Just yesterday, I assisted a long time customer whose browsers had stopped allowing online shopping. We upgraded his 2013 iMac from OS X 10.9.5 to macOS 10.15.4 Catalina, and, ftw (for the win), he was able to complete and submit his 2020 U.S. Census online! 

So…if you have been wanting to upgrade or update your current system, Apple has excellent new computers in stock, and we can definitely hook you up even with social distancing.

IOW (In other words), What Royalwise Could Be Up To Next Week:

  • Analyzing your old computer
  • Upgrading your existing system
  • Walking you through your options if you want a new machine
  • Making a new computer recommendation based on your needs
  • Cleaning up your Files and/or teaching you how to do it yourself
  • Cleaning up your Email and/or teaching you how to do it yourself
  • Troubleshooting any issues or emergencies you’ve been putting up with


Please schedule an appointment with Jamie at http://jamc.as.me, or call Jef at 503-406-6550.

Thank you for trusting Royalwise Solutions with your technology needs.


About Jamie Pollock

Jamie has worked as an independent business and tech consultant for many years, assisting large companies and small businesses in developing a wide variety of strategies and solutions. His past clients include Jantzen, Symantec and Intel, just to name a few. With an innate ability to explain complex topics, expertise in all things iPad and iPhone, and an infectious sense of humor, Jamie is a master at helping people become confident in everyday technologies.



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