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Tech Evolution

The Tech Evolution Business Revolution

One of the things I love about computer support is that my job never gets old. Computer operating systems and software updates happen almost every day. For the most part, these improvements are wonderful, and helpful. Interestingly, they’re also increasingly invisible. You’ll happily work away, and then find a feature works slightly differently than it did […]

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Master QuickBooks Online from Setup to Tax Time

QBOA for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Over the past few years, my business owner clients have increasingly moved off of QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) and onto QuickBooks Online (QBO). At first, about 5 years ago, this move could only be made by companies with the simplest of needs. QBO just wasn’t feature-rich enough. But fast forward to today…QBO has become robust. The only […]

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Texting with an 8-Year-Old

My 8-year-old daughter is learning to text. I’m teaching her appropriate use of technology. Here is the funny conversation we had this morning! Carrie was staying home with a cough. I was dropping off her brother at school, then stopping at Safeway to pick up chicken soup, yogurt, and medicine for her. 7:44am Carrie: I’m watching […]

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Pokemon Go

4 Reasons Why Pokemon Go Matters

This article is adapted from betweenwallandmain.com. By now you’ve probably heard of Pokemon Go, the newest smartphone game with unprecedented popularity. And for good reason: it blends a classic cultural phenomenon with cutting-edge technology, creating an engaging activity with positive outcomes. The premise is that you wander around capturing Pokemon critters; after you’ve gained experience, […]

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Tracking Business Mileage

Do you drive your car or truck for work? I don’t mean driving to and from work…that’s considered “commuting”, and it’s not tax-deductible. I mean, do you drive your car during your workday to meet with clients or run errands? If you do, you’re eligible for tax deductions for wear-and-tear on your car. If you’re the employee of […]

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Fake Security Alert

Watch Out for Fake Support Pop-Ups!

DO NOT TRUST ANY RANDOM POP-UP WINDOWS WHEN YOU ARE ON THE INTERNET! DO NOT CALL ANY 1-800 NUMBERS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES TO GET YOUR COMPUTER SECURED!  There is a major scam going around that is tricking people into paying anywhere from $400 to $700 for security protection on their Apple computers. You do not […]

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Color growth bar chart and pie diagram on modern laptop or notebook computer PC keyboard and other still life stationery supplies with selective focus effect

Wrapping Up 2015 for Taxes

Don’t spend your money, invest your profit. I’ve had a few business owners tell me that they finished off their year by moving all their money out of their checking accounts so that they don’t have to pay taxes on it. That’s not how it works! You pay your taxes based on the amount of PROFIT […]

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