Pay Down Credit Card in QuickBooks Online

Look What I Found! A simple way to pay down your credit card balance in QuickBooks Online! Paying off credit cards has always been a bit of a bugaboo in QuickBooks. There are several ways of working with Business Credit Cards, which I discuss in detail in my 90-minute course at

Payments-only User Accounts in QBO

Look What I Found!  QuickBooks Payments Merchant Services allows you to take payments when you’re out and about in the field. Do you provide onsite services, sell products at farmer’s markets, or take money at events? Not only can you swipe credit cards on the...

Managing Corporate Credit Cards

Businesses who track their credit card expenses QuickBooks Online (QBO) have a challenge. Corporate credit card accounts like Chase, AmEx, and Bank of America have multiple cards for each employee. In QuickBooks Online, these sub cards need to be treated as sub...

A First Look at Tagging in QBO

Look What I Found! A First Look at Tagging in QBO Tagging is QuickBooks Online’s latest innovation. It has the potential to transform the way you use your QBO to analyze your company. Tagging is used in a variety of ways in your other software – in Gmail you tag...

Sending 1099s through QuickBooks Online’s built-in 1099 Tools

Submit your Contractor 1099s right inside QuickBooks Online. Here’s everything you need to know to work with the QBO Contractors Center.

Back Up QuickBooks Online

ChronoBooks was bought by Intuit, so what options do you have now? This article about backing up QuickBooks Online will help you decide!

City of Portland Multnomah County Taxes in QBO

Multnomah County has two local taxes, a City of Portland Tax (which I’ll abbreviate as PDX Tax), and a separate tax rate for services performed in Multnomah County other than in Portland (MultCo Tax). This specifically applies to income received in Gresham, Fairview, and Troutdale.

QBC 2019 Recap – My “Main Stage” Performance

QBC 2019 Recap – My “Main Stage” Performance November 10, 2019 I just got home after my 6th QuickBooks Connect. As always, it’s been a week of personal and professional growth. QBC is a top-notch conference, with excellent education, networking opportunities…and swag!...

Backing Up QBO Using

Back up QuickBooks Online with!

How to Fix Duplicated Income in QuickBooks Online

Troubleshoot duplicated income in QuickBooks Online. What to do when you pulled in Income through Banking but you have payments in Undeposited Funds.

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