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A wide variety of trainings geared toward all skill levels and job functions.

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Painless, optimal configuration designed for your specific needs.

Personal Support

Expert advisors ready to assist and troubleshoot in your time of need.

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QuickBooks Training

Become confident and make QuickBooks work for you.

With so many QuickBooks trainings to choose from, you can learn at your own pace in a format that is best and most convenient for you. Our goal is to make QuickBooks quicker, and your job easier!

Mentorship Program

Self-paced training, ongoing one-on-one support, and a sense of community to work through even your biggest fears and headaches.

On-Demand Video Courses

Lifetime access to a frequently-updated library of QuickBook videos with the latest and greatest tips and tricks!

Live Classes & Webinars

From fundamentals to best practices, get all your questions answered at in-person trainings in Portland, Oregon or virtually from anywhere in the world.

One-on-One Training

Have a unique QuickBooks issue? With customized one-on-one training, we’ll dive into even the most complex issues together and quickly get you back on track!

QuickBooks Setup

Be sure QuickBooks is set up correctly for your business.

Even the simplest error in the setup process can wreak havoc down the line. Let’s sit down together and set up your QuickBooks system so you can use the software efficiently and with peace of mind!

QuickBooks Troubleshooting

Find out why your QuickBooks reports don’t make sense

If your QuickBooks errors are keeping you up at night, we’re happy to conduct a thorough review of your current setup and fix any issues that need to be resolved. Remember, QuickBooks is supposed to save time on data entry and make your life easier, not give you migraines!

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Take the courses and begin to have fun using the same tech that once drove you crazy.


Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself with our 5-star reviews

“Alicia was very knowledgeable about any computer problems and applications we discussed. I had accumulated a lot of 'can I and if not, why not questions,' which she fielded very well. She also helped me design a template for my book inventory. She reviewed my equipment and made recommendations to improve it. Unfortunately, she had to point out that I am living in the stone age with some of my stuff and explained what new replacements would do to help. Not a sales pitch but, I felt, a helpful commentary for someone like me with limited exposure to the changing computer world. I would certainly recommend her to any skill level client.”
"Alicia is an amazing, confident, and very patient teacher. She has helped our business a lot. We did not know what we did not know, but Alicia showed us shortcuts, useful reports, and how to make the most of QuickBooks. She has even helped us out in emergencies on short notice, but we still use her services for ongoing training as well. I would recommend working with Alicia over going to a QuickBooks workshop any day. She can tell you exactly what you need to know for your business and QuickBooks. It is a very fast and efficient way to learn. We highly recommend her.”
"I've been using Quickbooks for about a year and I've loved it but felt intimidated by things I couldn't quite understand on both the software and bookkeeping side - I was so impressed by the wealth of knowledge Alicia had to offer on both accounts. I was also really impressed by her friendly, easy to follow teaching style and ability to clearly answer questions and come up with solutions for even convoluted problems. And, I went home with a QuickBooks guide to refer to! I've taken a number of software classes, and it's so nice to have a guide to refer to as sometimes concepts get fuzzy after time. Such a great bonus!

I was delighted to not only learn more about the software, but also to learn practical tools and ideas for running a profitable business. Even if you've been using QuickBooks awhile, I highly recommend taking her class to round out your knowledge and make the most of the software, and your business' financial potential, to boot!"

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