Clean Your Screens!

by | Mar 15, 2020

Do you clean your screens?

I’ve started washing my hands every chance I get. But I realized that if I touch my iPhone or iPad screen, thoroughly wash my hands, and then immediately touch my device again, I didn’t really wash my hands. It’s important to clean your screens!

So here is a quick run down of best practices when it comes to touch screens:

What kind of cloth should I use?

Always use a microfiber cloth – Using any other top of cloth can cause scratches and wear away your protective layer.  The best option I have found is to use an antimicrobial cleaning cloth! recommends using an antibacterial/antimicrobial cloth that uses Silverclear.

What kind of liquid is safe?

Be careful with how much and what kind of liquid you use when cleaning and sterilizing your touch screens.

If you are just cleaning your screen, then a small amount of distilled water on a microfiber cloth is perfect for removing finger smudges. 

If you have a screen protector on your touch screen, then using alcohol and/or sterile wipes is fine.

Apple’s recommendation is to not use anything with alcohol, ammonia, and other popular cleaners in it. There is a thin protective layer on your touch screens called an oleophobic fingerprint-resistant coating that these cleaners can strip off. Apple has updated their recommendations concerning disinfecting Apple products but has not changed their support recommendations concerning iPhones and iPads. See this article for a full explanation:

A great natural option is vinegar diluted with water, but use it sparingly. Even soap and water is better than nothing!

What techniques should I use?

Do not use too much liquid when you wipe it down or you could damage the electronics.

Always apply the liquid to the cloth and NOT directly onto the screen itself.

Turning your device all the way off and unplugging from your charger when cleaning it is recommended since liquid and electricity are a bad combination. But if you are sparing with the liquid, you can leave it on. But definitely do not have it plugged into a charger.

If you want to go even farther than just wiping your device down, then you can turn to Ultra-Violet Light to sterilize your entire device.  Check out PhoneSoap for $79.95. It uses UV Light to sterilize your entire device, the case, and even any credit cards you have in the case.


When trying to prevent spreading the flu, Coronavirus, and even just the common cold to your friends, family, and coworkers, be sure to clean your devices, keyboard, and mouse at least once a day, then again before and after lending them to someone else!

No one wants to miss work or school. Let’s clean your screens and stay healthy!

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