Staying Healthy Yet Engaged!

by | Mar 14, 2020

You know that at, Alicia and Jamie like to keep things lighthearted and informal. However, we’ve been hearing concerns from many of you about how the Coronavirus could affect your businesses and your daily lives.

We thought it would be important to reach out and let you know what we’ve been telling clients:

zoom.us1. “Social Distancing” doesn’t have to mean social isolation. We suggest the Zoom app ( for virtual meetings. You can even screen share! Because Zoom is so easy and convenient, we have used it for remote training sessions with clients since the “2017 Snowpocolypse.”

2. Have get-togethers with friends and family…virtually! FaceTime is a great built-in option for video chats on your iPhone or Mac.

3. Don’t just vegetate in front of the TV. Use your time well – learn something new! Take on a project that requires you to grow your skills, or tackle one of your challenges you’ve been putting off. If it’s “techKNOWLEDGEy,” subscribe to Alicia’s QuickBooks Mentorship Membership or Jamie’s Apple Membership. We encourage you to check out our trainings and find the right one for you.

4. Wipe down your work devices (iPhone, Tablet, iPad, Keyboards, mouse, etc.) at least once a day, and also before & after other people use them.

5. Be prepared with a business strategy so you can pivot in case activity slows. Run through all your Quickbooks® reports to understand company finances, and identify areas of strength.

As your partner, we care about you and want to inspire confidence, to encourage you to take action. So, in these times, let us all continue to be proactive, productive, and connected…for continued success.

We would be privileged to assist you with any of these solutions.

Call us at 503-406-6550. Alicia, Jef, and Jamie are here for you!

About Alicia Katz Pollock

With a Masters in Teaching from Tufts University, a QuickBooks®️ Online Advanced Certification and more than 30 years’ experience in the tech industry, Alicia is passionate about finding creative, practical solutions to complex and everyday tech problems. She also loves a good laugh!



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