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Get help setting up, troubleshooting or optimizing your bookkeeping.

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Get help using your iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

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Use Microsoft Office to be more productive and effective at work.

Business Apps Training

Streamline your workflow with the best business productivity apps on the market.

We make tech fun!

We understand how frustrating it is to waste half your day figuring out features that should be so simple. We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping small businesses and people like you learn to use these essential tools more confidently so they’re an asset rather than a burden!

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Jamie and Alicia are some of the most knowledgeable computer geeks I know. I have depended on them to solve problems at my home as well as learned a lot from the classes they offer. They are both skilled at explaining technical concepts in an understandable manner. Both are committed to helping students understand the ideas. I have rarely had a question they couldn't answer. They also are willing to give extra time at the end of classes to help those who are confused. If you are ready to take a hammer to your machine, call these guys.
This is a great newsletter! Keep them coming. I love the tips and tricks.
You two are my lifesavers in the ocean of technology.

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