Robin Hoot: The Next Generation

by | Nov 3, 2021

Every night over dinner Jamie tells me about the people he helped that day, regales me with stories about the customers that I used to have, and we reminisce of days gone by.

This week Jamie helped Bill and Janet buy a new computer; they were replacing their 10-year-old iMac. As long as I’ve been doing Apple training, my go-to joke has been that computers age in “double-dog years,” that 1 year for a computer is like 14 human years. That means that Bill and Janet’s computer was 140 years old! Definitely time for an upgrade.

Mary Ellen’s laptop was 154 in computer years, so she was ready for a new one too. But since Mary Ellen really only checks email and browses Facebook, Jamie found a ‘Robin Hoot’ MacBook in our lab from 2016. Even though it’s five years old, it’s still six years newer than what she had, and it was just what she needed.

Now if that’s not enough of a hoot, here’s what really made me smile, hearing about Bill, Janet, and Mary Ellen…and those old computers that Jamie brought home today. The three of them were all some of my very first clients back in the day, when I was the one making house calls and unboxing brand-new machines for our clients.

Today was the very first time Jamie had replaced computers that I had set up for our customers, ten years prior…and both in the same week!

That’s how I know that Royalwise is truly something special. This business is more than just a way to make a living, much more. It’s a way to foster community.

We really do think of all of you as part of the family, and having repeat customers come back to us a decade later to help them set up their next generation of Apple products, makes it clear that you feel the same way.

And just as you are being introduced to a new generation of Apple devices, we’re introducing a new generation of family to Royalwise.

These days, our 13-year-old daughter, Carrie Grace, has entered the scene, reinforcing the family nature of our small business.

Grace is our new lab tech. After Jamie finishes transferring our client’s data to their new computer, he brings the old computer home to our “lab.”  Grace analyzes and documents each machine’s specs, then wipes the computers clean and gets them prepped and ready to deliver to those who need them.

Looking back, I think this community we’ve built is what has helped us weather the tough times and flourish despite the many obstacles that come with building and growing a small business. You’ve had our backs throughout the years, and we’re grateful to have the opportunity to pay it forward through our ‘Robin Hoot’ program.

I guess this is all to say, thanks for being a part of the Royalwise family.


                                      To learn more about our ‘Robin Hoot’ program and see how you can contribute, click here.

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