Look What I Found: Recent Automatic Transactions Report

by | Sep 10, 2021

LWIF! Recent Automatic Transactions Report!

By Alicia Katz Pollock

Sep 3, 2021

I found a new report I’m really excited about! Recent Automatic Transactions!

One of my favorite things about using QuickBooks Online is that it has so many automations that take care of routine tasks in the background. It charges my monthly clients and emails them sales receipts. It matches and batches my daily deposits. It makes credit memos for my Royalwise OWLS Gold Members for their free monthly 1-hour meetings with me. It creates journal entries to break out my monthly prepaid expenses by class. 

I have QBO managing other automations for me also, like the Banking Rules that enter my routine expenses; everything I listed above is just business activity on the first day of every month! What used to take me a few hours just happens behind the scenes while I’m on a Zoom call with a client, earning my keep.

Up until recently, I had to look at the Audit History if I wanted to keep tabs on all this activity.

Today I noticed a new report I’d never seen before…Recent Automatic Transactions! When I ran it, I saw everything QuickBooks Online did for me behind the scenes. I’m looking forward to using this report for an eagle-eye view on productivity…just as if QBO was one of my employees!

What is my QBO doing with its time? How is it earning me money? In looking at the 29 transactions that were automatically created for me in the report shown, I can tell that my monthly subscription already paid for itself in three days.

How does using QBO save YOU money? What automations do YOU love? Let me know in the comments below! Click here to read more “Look What I Found” blogs and Vlogs.  


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