Business Apps Training

Discover business solutions with industry-leading apps

Boost your professionalism

Enhance your branding and external communications to exceed the increasingly high standards of consumers.

Modernize internal systems

Evolve with today’s best practices and apply innovative tools for collaboration, communication, organization and more.

Safeguard your information

Not only must you protect your business’ data, but your customers’ information as well. Explore apps that can provide priceless peace of mind.

Business Apps Training

Capitalize on these powerful, trusted tools for success

Though often intimidating, integration of modern technologies is essential for business growth. With our easy-to-understand, app-specific trainings, you’ll find countless ways to simplify processes and boost productivity!

DropBox Training

Seamless file sharing, backup and storage

DropBox’s offsite cloud document storage allows users to conveniently access, share, and backup information. Our training will set you up for painless file management, covering automatic syncing, offline and team access, smartphone capabilities, and more.

Evernote Training

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks

With Evernote, you can centralize and organize all your notes, projects, and never-ending to-do lists. We’ll teach you how to use this app for collaboration, project management, record keeping, and deadline tracking. This training and app is indispensable for anyone with a busy schedule or too many post-it reminders!

Social Media Training

Build and mobilize an engaged online community

The power of social media, for better or worse, is indisputable. We’ll help you keep up with the times, position your brand for success, and maximize your online presence. Learn and explore Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and emerging apps to ensure all your online bases are covered.

Google Sheets Training

Conveniently access, edit and share data

A free alternative to Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets allows you to create spreadsheets, collaborate with your team in real-time, and import/export to other programs. Learning to use this app will put an end to the endless, Excel back-and-forth and keep your team agile!

Internet Security Training

Protect yourself, your business and your clients

Today’s internet is constantly changing and scams, viruses and malware are more advanced than ever. This training covers online risks, fake emails, password security, and the apps you can employ for greater protection.

Quicken Training

Effectively manage your money

Learn to stay on top of your income, expenses, budget, and tax deductions with this finance application training. Great for households and businesses looking to make their finances more centralized and tax season less stressful.

WordPress Training

Gain credibility and target a wider audience

WordPress is a powerful but complex platform, with endless options for customization. This training will help you configure, design and update your blog or website to align with your brand and keep your community informed and engaged.

Zapier Training

Integrate and automate to save time

With all the above apps, plus many more to choose from, things can get overwhelming. This training will show you how Zapier can integrate and connect over 1,500 applications. We’ll help you streamline workflows and create easy automation to increase your productivity and efficiency.

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I was very impressed with the professional quality of the course. I did like that I could go back and review previous topics at will and kept a copy of a slideshow I had developed and practiced the techniques on it as I went through. I learned a lot during this course. The instructor was very professional and very knowledgeable.  She explained the tools and techniques in an easy to understand manner and used the screen shots to demonstrate how to use.
I located your videos on the web site this morning and began reviewing them. These are going to be really helpful, as I can just watch and listen to a script to grasp the instructional flow. Or, I pause and repeat specific directions when working on my own documents. Thanks again for making these available.
Alicia, thank you for such an amazing class! I feel so fortunate to be one of your students today. You are calm, intelligent, awesome. The way you have been presenting every project is amazing. I finally get it! A million thank you’s!
You are ssssssooooo brilliant!!!!  For some reason, I was in the Adobe folder. I shut down and opened in the Cheryl folder.  Everything is there. Do you have any idea of how much I APPRECIATE YOU... LOVE is the word. Thanks for your immediate help.

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