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Tracking Business Mileage

Do you drive your car or truck for work? I don’t mean driving to and from work…that’s considered “commuting”, and it’s not tax-deductible. I mean, do you drive your car during your workday to meet with clients or run errands? If you do, you’re eligible for tax deductions for wear-and-tear on your car. If you’re the employee of […]

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Fake Security Alert

Watch Out for Fake Support Pop-Ups!

DO NOT TRUST ANY RANDOM POP-UP WINDOWS WHEN YOU ARE ON THE INTERNET! DO NOT CALL ANY 1-800 NUMBERS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES TO GET YOUR COMPUTER SECURED!  There is a major scam going around that is tricking people into paying anywhere from $400 to $700 for security protection on their Apple computers. You do not […]

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Wrapping Up 2015 for Taxes

Don’t spend your money, invest your profit. I’ve had a few business owners tell me that they finished off their year by moving all their money out of their checking accounts so that they don’t have to pay taxes on it. That’s not how it works! You pay your taxes based on the amount of PROFIT […]

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Young female is writing notes and planning her schedule.

Why I still write on paper

My grandkids will never read my shenanigans from files on a CD in the attic. ~Alicia Katz I recently realized that while I thrive in a digital world, if anything ever happened to me, my creative writing would be lost forever. Even my family wouldn’t think to open up my laptop and pour through my files, […]

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Is that website down, or is it me?

You know how frustrating it is when a website stops working, or your email won’t send. It just gets worse when you reboot your computer, reboot your router, and it still doesn’t work. Do you wait? Do you start messing around with your settings? Before you start mucking around and making things worse, check out […]

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