Need Upgrade Help? Let Jamie Be Your Robin Hood

by | Mar 1, 2021

Looking to upgrade? Have you heard about

Royalwise’s new ‘Robin Hoot’ program?


When you’re looking to upgrade to a new computer, what do you plan to do with the old one? Would your answer change if I told you that more than 10% of Americans don’t own a computer? That puts the people in this category at a great disadvantage in today’s technology dependent world. Many people without computers can find it difficult to:


    • Search for or keep a job
    • Stay connected with others
    • Keep up with current events
    • Access basic information

For many, the reason for this is comes down to the issue of affordability. Royalwise’s ‘Robin Hoot’ program aims to address this issue by giving refurbished computers and iPhones to those who need them, absolutely free of charge. 


Is your device beginning to slow down or get buggy? It may be time for a new one! Alicia jokes that computers age in double-dog years. In other words, one year for us is like 14 years for your gear. A five-year-old computer is 70 in human years…it still works great, but it’s slowing down and doesn’t like to do anything new. That’s when it’s time to ask Jamie about getting a new machine!



How does it work?

If your computer or iPhone is showing its age, it might be time for an upgrade. Apple Guru, Jamie Pollock, can help you choose a new one! Give him a call at 503-406-6550 to see how he can help, and maybe consider donating your old devices to Royalwise’s ‘Robin Hoot’ program.

We’ll take your old computer off your hands, wipe it clean of any personal information, and return it to factory default settings. We’ll then match your refurbished hardware with an individual in need.


Call Jamie today at (503) 406-6550 to schedule an appointment

or book an appointment directly using the self-scheduling tool






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