Jamie Pollock – Community Highlight (Nurture Realty)

by | Mar 22, 2021

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Jamie was recently highlighted in the monthly newsletter from Nurture Realty.
This article is reprinted with their permission.

Harvesting Community

Nurture Realty is highlighting Jamie Pollock this
month! Jamie and his wife, Alicia, own and operate
Royalwise.com. They offer technical help for all of
your computer needs. Royalwise provides computer
software training and support specializing in
QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Office, and all things
Apple. Jamie is certified by Apple to support all of
their products.

They also teach live classes and have a library of on demand training videos on their website
where you can buy a membership to the Royalwise OWLS (On-demand Web-based Learning
Solutions) for unlimited access.

In addition to being expert guides through the world of technology for their clients, the Royalwise
team supports the local community in many ways. One instance is their generous donation of
access to their iMovie class for all Nurture community members during our video contest over the
summer of 2020. We had some wonderful entries with impressive editing! We’ve also heard of
Jamie and Alicia donating classes to local kids struggling with online learning.

We reached out to a friend of Jamie and asked about his charitable efforts. Here was his response:
“Yes!! And that’s really just the tip of their iceberg. When a client of Jamie’s buys a new laptop (or
desktop, or iPad), and if the client doesn’t want to keep their older computer, he takes them and
wipes them down (reformatting, testing, and making ready for consumer use). He then donates
the equipment to local families in need (home school). He does the same with iPad’s and desktop
computers (iMacs). We have even taken in some PC’s (Dell) and reformatted and made available
for a family or young student in need. Jamie has also donated many iPhones to families in need,
when clients choose not to send theirs back for credit.”

Help with distance learning, Zoom, video editing, hardware issues, and basic computer skills are in
high demand right now and the Royalwise team not only brings expert help, but they do so with
patience and understanding.

Visit www.royalwise.com for more info on the services they offer!

It’s also worth mentioning, Jamie is that dad who plays back up guitar for his kid’s singing
performance at the school talent show! Way to go, Dad!

Thank you, Jamie Pollock, for supporting the community and being a member of the Nurture Realty

Tune in next month when we highlight the other half of this power couple, Alicia Katz Pollock!


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Jamie Pollock of Royalwise

Jamie has worked as an independent business and tech consultant for many years, assisting large companies and small businesses in developing a wide variety of strategies and solutions. With an innate ability to explain complex topics, expertise in all things iPad and iPhone, and an infectious sense of humor, Jamie is a master at helping people become confident in everyday technologies.





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About Payden Miller

As the Director of Marketing at Royalwise since early 2021, Payden Miller combines a formal education in Marketing from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) with real-world business experience. Before joining Royalwise, he founded a startup aiming to create a text-to-speech reading pen for students with dyslexia, showcasing his innovative mindset. He is the creative force behind Royalwise's online look & feel, crafting blogs, editing videos, & shaping the brand to build trust & rapport with clients. Outside of Royalwise, Payden extends his adventurous spirit to high-power amateur rocketry. His varied interests make him a well-rounded & dependable professional, fully committed to making Royalwise a brand people can rely on.



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