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by | May 4, 2023


Women in Accounting

Alicia was recently named a Top 50 Woman in Accounting by Ignition, and was asked to sit down for an interview.


In the interview Alicia discusses her perspective as a woman in the accounting industry and her contributions to empowering and elevating female voices in the field.


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Alicia talks about her mentoring programs, training sessions, and workshops that focus on issues relevant to women in the industry, as well as her efforts to create a supportive and inclusive work environment.


Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Alicia Katz Pollock, the founder and CEO of Royalwise Solutions. At, Alicia Katz Pollock is known as the QBO Rock Star.


As a Top 10 QuickBooks ProAdvisor and a member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network, Alicia has five QuickBooks and MS Word books available on Amazon, leads weekly QuickBooks training webinars, and runs a QBO Coaching program.


Her knowledge and skills are widely recognized, and she is a sought-after speaker at major industry events such as QuickBooks Connect, Scaling New Heights, and Intuit’s Certification Road Show.


With a Masters of Arts in Teaching, 30+ years of tech industry experience, and a mile-long list of professional certifications, Alicia expertly blends deep subject matter expertise and patient guidance to provide an easy and fun online learning environment.


We sat down with Alicia to discuss her unique perspective as a woman in the field of accounting industry. From challenges to achievements, we dove deep into what it truly means to be a woman in today’s accounting industry and the impact she’s had on the profession.


Alicia, thank you for joining us today.


Alicia: I’m glad to be here.


Q1. How have you demonstrated a commitment to empowering and elevating female voices in the accounting and bookkeeping industry?


Alicia: Thank you for asking. Through my Royalwise ‘OWLS’ platform (On-demand Web-based Learning Solution), I teach QuickBooks and bookkeeping skills to business owners, employees, and bookkeepers, the vast majority of whom are female.


I personally mentor more than 30 women, Silver and Gold members of my program. We meet together monthly, both individually and as a group, focusing on QuickBooks training to enhance their job skills, as well as business building. I encourage them to network inside our platform, and actively try to connect my members who are bookkeepers with those who are business owners.


I hired one of my older female students as a subcontractor to do bookkeeping for my company – she is still a member of my program, using me as a consultant for her independent clients, while I bring her on to do the work in my clients’ books.


I also develop and deliver training programs, webinars, and workshops that focus on issues relevant to women in the industry, such as leadership, negotiation, and work-life balance. Lastly, I actively seek out and promote talented female professionals, ensuring that they have equal access to opportunities for advancement and recognition.


Q2. In what ways have you sparked lasting confidence and fostered a sense of community among women in the industry?


Alicia: That’s a great question. In my company, our staff is evenly split between male, female, and non-binary. Our work environment is life-balance centered, including flex time, 75% work from home, a casual dress code, and an informal environment. Our weekly meeting agenda allows each employee dedicated time to not only present task updates, but also highlight that week’s successes and where they need more support. I am an active participant in webinars and speaking at conferences; one of my favorite things about my professional network is being surrounded by smart, fun women. I have become adept at gently interrupting someone if they are taking up too much time and redirecting the conversation to highlight the thoughts of quieter panelists. While I am not the organizer of either of our two local bookkeeping networking groups (both of which are predominantly female), I am an active participant in both groups to keep the conversation flowing.


I do several things to foster a sense of community among women in the industry. First, I mentor and support the next generation of women in the accounting industry, helping to create a pipeline of talent and building a strong and vibrant community of women in the profession. Second, I work to create a supportive and inclusive work environment that values diversity, equity, and inclusion, and ensuring that all employees feel valued, supported, and respected. Third, I offer educational opportunities such as training sessions, workshops, and seminars, helping women to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry and build their skills and knowledge. Fourth, I host or participate in webinars and panel discussions featuring women in the accounting industry, providing a platform for women to share their expertise, insights, and perspectives on relevant topics. And fifth, I coordinate and organize networking events for women in the accounting industry, providing opportunities for women to connect, build relationships, and share knowledge and experiences.


Q3. How have you actively participated in creating a more diverse and inclusive industry, and what impact has your contribution had?


Alicia: Royalwise created a BIPOC Bookkeeper Scholarship in partnership with my local Portland Woodard Group, fostering a Vietnamese woman through her Associates degree in Accounting. It was important to me that the winner be local to Portland, because our city has almost no bookkeepers of color. The winner has a monthly mentorship meeting with me, along with an ongoing discussion board. I am hoping to also be her supervisor for her college internship.

Later this Spring I am going to be a guest speaker in classes at a local high school to inspire young women of color to consider bookkeeping and accounting as a lucrative career. My CPA is a Korean woman. The virtual outsourced bookkeeper I hired is over 60 years old and changing careers.

I also wrote several high school & college textbooks for publisher Questiva Consultants, to teach QBO to the next generation of bookkeepers and business owners.


Q4. How have you shown resilience and leadership in your current role?


Alicia: My Royalwise OWLS program members seek me out because they appreciate my positive attitude, approachable manner, and sense of humor. Because I am non-judgmental, I create an authentic environment where women can overcome their professional fears and self-esteem issues, to become self-actualized professionals. After listening to complaints that one of our industry’s awards is too male and too white, I nominated five Black women to diversify the list. I started a Facebook group with over 8,500 members so that other accounting professionals can self-promote their courses, webinars, and educational events to an international audience. In that group, my ongoing column is called “Look What I Found!” where I highlight new features in QuickBooks Online so that all users can keep up with industry innovations. And in the last year I finally started offering bookkeeping services so that I could support my clients with ongoing QuickBooks support and financial advisory.


Q5. What advice would you give other women in the Accounting industry?


Alicia: It’s no longer a man’s world. Our industry is now skewing female, as we come together to support each other and build each other. It’s important to surround yourself with a supportive network of individuals who uplift and encourage you to reach your full potential.


My advice is to jump in and participate actively in our growing tribe of smart, fun, gracious women. There’s no such thing as stupid questions, there are only scenarios you haven’t encountered yet. Remember, asking for help is not a weakness but a strength, and seeking guidance when needed is a sign of maturity and self-awareness.


Ten years from now our financial advice and guidance will transform our national economic outlook.


Q6. Any final thoughts you’d like to share, Alicia?


Alicia: I’d just like to address my fellow female colleagues directly and actively challenge them to have faith in themselves and their abilities. It’s time to push aside any self-doubt and trust in your capabilities. Believe in yourself, take on challenges, and don’t be afraid to speak up. With confidence and determination, you can accomplish great things and inspire others to do the same.


Let’s work together to build a more diverse and inclusive industry that values and supports all professionals regardless of their gender, ethnicity, or background. By doing so, we can foster an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives and experiences.


Thank you, Alicia.


Alicia Katz Pollock’s recent recognition as a Top 50 Woman in Accounting is a remarkable achievement that signifies her significant contributions to the industry. If you would like to support Alicia’s work and improve your QuickBooks skills, click the button below and browse Alicia’s ever-expanding course library.



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