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Acting as your Facebook Page

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Use Facebook As TipIf you’re trying to make Facebook work for you as business marketing, there’s one technique you HAVE to master. After you make a Page for your company, it’s important to build your Page’s prominence as a trusted source.

Have you ever noticed the gear in the upper right corner of your Facebook Timeline or Page? Click on it, and you can switch between your personal timeline and using Facebook as your Page.

After you create a Page, it becomes its own “person.” Your Page can Like and Comment! When you use Facebook as your Page, all your Likes get attributed to your company, instead of you as a person. If you Like other pages related to your profession, you create your own little network.

While you’re signed in as your Page, your Home screen acts as a news feed of all those related businesses. You can Share their news on your Page to increase content.

Even better, add your Page’s own comments to their articles. Be sure your answers are relevant and helpful; perhaps solve other people’s problems.

It’s OK to include a link to your Facebook Page or your website, but only if it’s a genuine referral in the context of the original post. This helps build your reputation as a trusted professional.

It’s not OK to answer posts with links to your Page or website if your content doesn’t directly relate to the topic being discussed – that gives you a reputation as a spammer.

To increase views of your Page posts, switch back to your personal profile, return to your Page, then Share your post to your personal timeline.

After showing her these techniques, client Barbara G told me, “Those are just the nuggets that we need in order to help our business to grow. I give you an A+.”

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