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Email Apps to Mix and Match

There are dozens of email apps out there. You can log into Gmail in your browser, Outlook on a PC, or Apple Mail on a Mac. But they each have their own way of managing your emails. Back in the day, when you downloaded a message, it only lived on the first device that saw it […]

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iPhone Mail Drafts Trick!

If you’ve started an email in Mail on your iPhone but didn’t finish it, it’s still in the Drafts folder. To pick up where you left off, you don’t need to navigate into the Mailbox hierarchy to return to it! Instead, touch and hold the New Message button. A window will appear listing all your […]

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Troubleshooting iPhoto Emails

If you’ve recently updated to iCloud from MobileMe, and you try to send an email from inside iPhoto, you may get a message that says, “The email server didn’t recognize your username/password combination.” To fix it, go to iPhoto>Preferences, then click on Accounts. Delete the old MobileMe account, and add your new iCloud account (even if […]

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