BIPOC Bookkeeping Scholarship Available! 

Royalwise and the Portland Woodard Group are teaming up

to raise money for a Woodard Alliance Scholarship!

About the Royalwise Scholarship Fundraiser!

Royalwise has long been affiliated with the Portland Woodard Group, a collaborative group of local accounting professionals committed to learning and growing together for the mutual success of clients and firms. They are a terrific organization, and we are supporting their desire to truly represent our entire community.

Royalwise Solutions is starting a fundraising campaign for an equity scholarship, which will be awarded to a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) bookkeeper in Portland who is just starting out or is struggling to grow. The money raised in the scholarship pays for the cost of a 1-year Woodard Alliance membership.

The membership offers exceptional in-depth training for accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs. It also provides special access to an accounting technology knowledge exchange, monthly presentations by Intuit leaders, advanced product training on QuickBooks and Excel, and an on-demand video library of one-hour educational programs focusing on technology, tax, bookkeeping, and practice development topics.

The scholarship will also allow the recipient to join our local Portland Woodard Group and help the bookkeeper expand their local reach as they meet and interact with local small business advisors and small business owners, leading to what we hope will begin the development of long-term professional relationships.

Royalwise believes in education…we are teachers, after all. This valuable learning opportunity will contribute to Portland’s bookkeeping community. Leveling the playing field in Portland involves cultivating intention. We hope you will engage with this campaign!


Reaching out to the community

Spread the word to any BIPOC bookkeepers you know (yourself included!) to apply above.

Thank you!

About Alicia Katz

Alicia is a member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network. She has been certified in Microsoft Office since 1998.

She also has a Masters in Teaching, and is a bit of a nerd.

About Jamie Pollock

Jamie is a member of the Apple Consultants Network. He’s not as big of a nerd as his wife.

His great attitude makes learning a hoot.

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