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by | Mar 22, 2019

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In QBO, if you charge different prices to different types of Customers, you no longer have to track who gets what pricing by using the Notes, or an external document. Instead, turn on Price Rules!

This flexible tool allows you to:

  • Charge different prices for Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, and Friends & Family
  • Apply discounts to various products
  • Put specific items on sale for a designated time
  • Customers can be assigned a default Price Rule.
Turn on the Price Rules in Gear > Account and Settings > Sales.
Customers can be assigned a default Price Rule. When you create Price Rules according to Customer Type, each Customer will default to the desired price:
1. Go into the Customer Type button in the Customer Center.
2. Define your Customer Types.
3. To assign a Customer Type to each Customer, Edit the Customer’s Details, and go to the Additional Information tab. Assign each Customer to their associated Type.
4. Or, assign Customer Types in bulk by checking them off in your Customer Center, clicking Batch Action, and choosing Select Customer Type.
To create the Price Rules, go to the Gear > All Lists > Price Rules.
Price Rules
  1. If you’re having a sale, use a Price Rule with a Start date and End date.
  2. Assign Price Rules to Customers individually, or by Type.
  3. Assign Prices to Products individually, by type of Product, or by Category.
  4. Adjust the prices either by Percentage or Fixed Rate. You can increase or decrease the prices, and Round up or down.
  5. Click Apply to see all the prices adjust at once.
To use your Price Rules, create an Invoice or Sales Receipt. The Rate field now has a dropdown arrow to choose the correct price. If you had assigned a Customer Type to the Customer, that Rate will show as the default.
Price Rules
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