Mac Won’t Connect to WiFi Network Automatically

by | Sep 17, 2013

Normally, when you start up your MacBook Pro or any other laptop, it joins your home or office network automatically.

Today I had a customer whose laptop wouldn’t connect unless she manually clicked on the Airport icon in the menu bar and selected her home wireless network.

Wifi Wireless Airport

Here’s what we tried that DIDN’T fix it:

  • Restarting the modem, router, and computer.
  • Moving the WiFi connection to the top of the Known Networks list.
  • Deleting the WiFi connection from the Network and re-adding it.
  • Making sure the WiFi was set to join known networks automatically.
  • Zapping the PRAM.
  • Deleting the Wireless networking from the Network System Preferences entirely and recreating it.

But here’s what DID work:

  • We created a new LOCATION in the Network System Preferences, then newly connected to the wireless network and entered her password. When we restarted the computer, it joined the network automatically, just like it was supposed to!



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