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iPad & iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts

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iOS Keyboard ShortcutsWhen you type on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, I’m sure you type some of the same things over and over. Instead, create Keyboard Shortcuts so that you can type in abbreviations that get autocorrected automatically!

Go into your Settings, and then into the General group. Tap on Keyboard at the bottom of the list. At the bottom of that screen you’ll see a list of Shortcuts.

One comes built-in: “omw” will autocorrect into “On my way!”

Tap on Add New Shortcut. Type in the phrase that you want your device to fill in for you. Add the initials or abbreviation to the Shortcut line.

Be sure to use a combination of letters that you wouldn’t type under normal circumstances. If necessary, start with a . or other punctuation mark to distinguish it from regular typing. For example, instead of using just my initials, which I may type into a document, I would use .akp as my Shortcut.

The next time you’re sending an email or text message, typing this combination of characters will cause your iPhone or iPad’s autocorrect to substitute your frequently-used phrase!

Watch our YouTube video to see this technique in action!

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