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Why I still write on paper

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My grandkids will never read my shenanigans from files on a CD in the attic. ~Alicia Katz

Young female is writing notes and planning her schedule.

I recently realized that while I thrive in a digital world, if anything ever happened to me, my creative writing would be lost forever. Even my family wouldn’t think to open up my laptop and pour through my files, looking for my little nuggets of inspiration, occasional genius, and comedic gold.

Someday I’d love for my great-grandkids to stumble across my journals in the attic and relive my road trips, momentary frustrations, and cherished memories.

I recently went back to journaling in an actual paper journal!

I use a Moleskine journal that integrates with Evernote (Moleskine), so that I can take pictures of the pages with my iPhone, store them in Evernote, and search my handwriting for text snippets.

It’s the best of both worlds. My kids will have access to my writing (although there are some stories I’m not sure they should read…), and I have digital copies that I can pull out for future projects.

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