3 Ways to Insert the Date in Microsoft Word Docs

by | Nov 15, 2014

If you need to insert the date in your documents, save time by using these shortcuts instead of typing.

Inserting the date with autofill

Insert As You Type

As you type the date in your document, Tooltips appear that predict what you’re going to type. Press Enter to accept the suggestion. For example, as you start typing “Janu”, Word suggests “January,” and you press Enter to insert it. If you keep typing the rest of the date, it may offer to autofill in the day and the year as well.

Inserting today's date and timeInsert Today’s Date and Time

Click on the document where you want to put the date. Go to the INSERT RIBBON, and choose DATE AND TIME on the far right. Select how the date should look. To always use this style, click the SET AS DEFAULT button.

Insert the date with a keyboard shortcut

Use a Keyboard Shortcut

You can also insert the date with the keystroke ALT-SHIFT-D. This inserts the date as a field — click on it to see the field container. To change the format, use the instructions above to change the Default style, and reinsert the field. The field maintains the original date. Click on the UPDATE button to change it to today’s date.

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  1. Ian Philipp

    Great tips, thank you! One ought to add that the insert-date function also exists in Word for Mac: the shortcut is Control-Shift-D, similar to the Word for Windows version. Cheerio!

  2. BG2

    Alt Shift D – You can also change the date format for this short cut: On the task bar, R click on time, Adjust Date and Time / Change Date and Time format. Then next time you use Alt-Shift-D it will show the new date format.


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