Welcoming Payden

by | Mar 2, 2021

Royalwise’s BIG new addition


We are proud to introduce Royalwise’s newest hire, Payden Miller. He is the second and most recent full-time addition to Royalwise’s growing team.

Payden won a bowl game while playing left guard for the nationally ranked Coffeyville Red Ravens before transferring to the University of Kansas (Rock chalk) and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing in 2016.


Payden holding football


Payden and his wife Jamee are new to the Pacific Northwest, moving to Vancouver, WA just before the pandemic lockdown. Impeccable timing. The couple enjoys hiking, camping, and just about any kind of adventure — outdoor or otherwise. For instance, one of their favorite memories together was taking flight lessons for their 5-year wedding anniversary!


Photo of Jamee flying airplane


Prior to joining the Royalwise team, Payden and his wife founded an assistive technology company called Hidden Abilities, which provides tools for people with learning disabilities. The company’s first creation was a handheld electronic device, called the Whispr Pen, which scans printed text and reads it aloud for people with dyslexia, turning any book into an audiobook. 

Payden will be joining the team as a dedicated marketing professional and will be tasked with introducing new people to the Royalwise brand and helping match the tech training needs of the people with the services Royalwise can offer.

Let’s all wish Payden the best of luck in his new endeavor!



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  1. Carrie Patterson

    Welcome! I checked out your website and love your reading pen idea. I work with homeschooling families in the Vancouver area and see great potential for marketing with late readers as well as dyslexics.

  2. Jamie Pollock

    Yay! Welcome Payden! So glad you are with us!


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