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Share a Refund – a new QBO app to save shipping costs!

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Share a Refund logoI recently came back from speaking at QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, and they featured new QuickBooks Online 3rd party apps. The “App Showdown” award winner, Share a Refund, caught my eye.

Did you know that if your FedEx and UPS deliveries are late, even by a minute, you’re entitled to a full refund of your shipping fees? When I had my jewelry company, I used to periodically look up my orders and was able to get refunds surprisingly frequently, saving me hundreds of dollars. So when I saw this, I got really excited! Especially at this time of year, when you may be overnighting Christmas orders…


It’s call Share a Refund, and it monitors your customer shipments through your QBO. If they’re late, they’ll file the paperwork for the refund. They split the refund with you 50-50, and deposit it into your bank account. You don’t have to do a thing! It’s essentially free money, especially if you’re not already auditing your deliveries.


Here’s a link to their website. Check it out! It’s a risk-free way to take advantage of FedEx & UPS guarantees that we overlook. There’s a reason they won an award at the conference!



If you want any help implementing it, lmk, but they should be able to walk you through.


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  1. Nick December 7, 2016 at 11:39 am #

    Such a great service for businesses that ship with FedEx and UPS. It’s all upside; found money.

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