Using Image Capture instead of iPhoto

by | Jan 12, 2013

Image CaptureToday I did a photo project with my son’s 1st grade class to make a photo mosaic from 10 parents showed up with 20 cameras for 26 kids, and they ran around the school taking pictures.

There’s a program on your Mac called Image Capture that works with cameras directly, instead of using iPhoto. I used a SD card reader that had 5 ports for all the parents’ different memory sticks, turned off iTunes auto import so their iPhones wouldn’t try to talk to my computer, and told iPhoto to open Image Capture instead when I connect each card.

Using Image Capture allowed me to import all the pics to a folder on my desktop without importing people’s personal images, and without deleting images off their cameras.

The kids took 2000 pictures in 45 minutes! Now, it’s time to comb through 3GB of images and delete the pictures of the ceiling and floor.



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