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Alicia is a Guest Blogger at Lynda.com!

Lynda.com published Alicia’s first guest post, Boost Your Facebook Privacy: Clear Out Your Unused Apps. In this article, Alicia shows you how to view and edit your privacy settings on Facebook. She also provides tips for deciding which apps, site connections, and plugins to keep and which you may want to remove. Here’s an excerpt: […]

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Flashlight app

Bogus Flashlight Apple Malware

A new report has hit the 24-Hour TV News Media proclaiming that “ALL Flashlight apps are malware,” tracking your every mobile move and sending it off to China, Russia and India for criminal purposes. Here is a video of supposed Cybersecurity Expert Gary Miliefsky from SnoopWall on the Brett Baier Show. First off, CALM DOWN. […]

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Bypass Identified Developers

Install Software from Unidentified Developers

Apple’s new Sandboxing ensures that you can’t install software from vendors that are not on their “approved” list. For many users that’s just fine, but power users need software not sold in the Apple Store, or from small independent developers. You can change your computer’s default settings by going into System Preferences > Security & […]

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Turn off Ad Tracking on your iPhone

If you haven’t already found this “hidden” setting is iOS6 on your iPhone, this article tells you how to turn off the “un-mentioned” Ad Tracking feature. It also points out that: (1) Ad Tracking is turned ON by default, so you have to turn it OFF yourself,  (2) The setting is under General > About […]

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