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Safari’s Reader Mode and Reading List

Do you get tired of all the “noise” on website these days? Between sidebars, headers, ads and callout boxes, it is hard to tell where the content is anymore. That is where Safari’s Reader button comes into play. When you are on a page that has a distinct column of content, you will notice that the Reader button, found in […]

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Why Use Apple Mail?

Apples to Apples vs Apples to Oranges? Just drink the Kool-Aid! I often get asked, “Why should I use Apple Mail instead of Outlook for Mac 2011, or gmail.com web mail? The number one reason is INTEGRATION. Apple Mail is so well integrated with the Mac OSX operating system, and other Apple applications, that you […]

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Homeland Security Issues Java Warning

We have been getting questions about the Homeland Security warning concerning Java, so here is a quick article explaining what we know at this time. There are a lot of mixed messages circulating on the web, which makes it very confusing. The Facts On Friday, January 11th, 2013, ZDnet.com reported about the Homeland Security warning […]

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Safari 5.1 New Features

Your Mac has probably already been pestering you to install the newest of Safari,  version 5.1. There are several new features that I’m really excited about! The most obvious is the new Reading List. There’s a pair of glasses to the left of the Bookmarks icon, under the Back button. Have you ever landed on […]

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Safari’s Reader and RSS Features

Have you ever noticed that when you’re on some websites, in the far right edge of Safari’s Address Bar (where the website URL is), sometimes you see a little rectangle that says either “RSS” or “Reader”? Each of these is a feature to help you read website articles more easily. RSS stands for “Really Simple […]

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Safari Extension Gallery

Almost unnoticed with all the hype about iPads, iPhones, and new iPods, are a few significant changes to the program you use every day to browse the internet, Safari.  Version 5 came out last month with little fanfare, but two new features caught my eye and I wanted to be sure you knew about them, […]

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Safari Bookmark Bar Groups

Click here to watch our YouTube Video! Do you visit the same websites every day? Do you open them one at a time, or open a half-dozen windows at a time? This tip will save you a ton of time and effort. Create a button on your Bookmark Bar that opens a group of tabs […]

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