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QuickBooks Setup & Training

How to Reset the QBO for Mac App

If you use QuickBooks Online (QBO) on a Mac, there’s an app for that, and you can click here to get it. It’s almost exactly like QBO through Safari or Chrome, but because it works as a desktop application, it’s a little faster. You still need a QBO subscription, and an internet connection. The app stores […]

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2 Ways to Speed Up a Slow Mac

4 Ways To Speed Up a Slow Mac

1. Close Applications Any application icon in the Dock that has a small white dot or line next to it or under it is still open. Just click and hold on the application icon in the Dock and in the pop-up menu, select Quit. If you see Force Quit in that pop-up, be aware that […]

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Using Dictation

Using Dictation on a Mac

Of all the new features that Apple has introduced lately, Dictation is one of my favorites. It’s a new technology and has some kinks to work out, but all in all, I think it’s a great addition to OSX. Using dictation, you can literately dictate anywhere you can type. Most people do not believe me […]

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Safari Icon

Safari’s Reader Mode and Reading List

Do you get tired of all the “noise” on website these days? Between sidebars, headers, ads and callout boxes, it is hard to tell where the content is anymore. That is where Safari’s Reader button comes into play. When you are on a page that has a distinct column of content, you will notice that the Reader button, found in […]

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