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Why Use Apple Mail?

Apples to Apples vs Apples to Oranges? Just drink the Kool-Aid! I often get asked, “Why should I use Apple Mail instead of Outlook for Mac 2011, or gmail.com web mail? The number one reason is INTEGRATION. Apple Mail is so well integrated with the Mac OSX operating system, and other Apple applications, that you […]

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Image Capture

Using Image Capture instead of iPhoto

Today I did a photo project with my son’s 1st grade class to make a photo mosaic from http://www.zumyn.com. 10 parents showed up with 20 cameras for 26 kids, and they ran around the school taking pictures. There’s a program on your Mac called Image Capture that works with cameras directly, instead of using iPhoto. […]

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Sync Your Mac, iPhone, and iPad Class in Portland, OR

How to use Photo Stream in iCloud

During the holiday season, we take a lot of photos and share them with our friends and family. The Photo Stream in iCloud allows you take a photo on one device and have it automatically appear on all your other devices. And, sharing Photo Streams is easy. Just choose which of your photos you want […]

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Photostream and the Camera Roll

Just like everyone else, I am still learning about the new iCloud feature called Photostream. Apples says “With iCloud, when you take a photo on one device, it automatically appears on all your other devices.” You may not have realized it, but it is also imported into your iPhoto library automatically. You can turn off this default in your iPhoto preferences […]

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Troubleshooting iPhoto Emails

If you’ve recently updated to iCloud from MobileMe, and you try to send an email from inside iPhoto, you may get a message that says, “The email server didn’t recognize your username/password combination.” To fix it, go to iPhoto>Preferences, then click on Accounts. Delete the old MobileMe account, and add your new iCloud account (even if […]

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Multiple iPhoto Libraries

Do you have photos for both your business and personal life? Or so many photos that splitting them up into distinct categories would really help? It’s possible to create multiple iPhoto libraries, and then switch between them as needed! To do this, hold down the Option key at the bottom of your keyboard, then click […]

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