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Bogus Flashlight Apple Malware

A new report has hit the 24-Hour TV News Media proclaiming that “ALL Flashlight apps are malware,” tracking your every mobile move and sending it off to China, Russia and India for criminal purposes. Here is a video of supposed Cybersecurity Expert Gary Miliefsky from SnoopWall on the Brett Baier Show. First off, CALM DOWN. […]

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Microsoft Office for iPad Tips

Microsoft Office for iPad Tips

Looking for tips on how to use Office on your iPad? Investintech.com has a selection of tips for the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps as well as general tips to help get you up and running with the new Microsoft Office suite for the iPad. Microsoft Office for iPad Tips… You should also check out […]

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iOS Keyboard Shortcuts

iPad & iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts

When you type on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, I’m sure you type some of the same things over and over. Instead, create Keyboard Shortcuts so that you can type in abbreviations that get autocorrected automatically! Go into your Settings, and then into the General group. Tap on Keyboard at the bottom of the […]

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