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Why Gmail Sucks for Apple Users! Part 1

Have you recently started getting an incorrect password message when trying to access your Gmail account? There is a chance that Google is blocking your login because you are not running the latest operating system, and not using a Google product to access your Gmail. As an Apple support professional who troubleshoots email issues on […]

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Google’s Gmail and Apple Mail

Redundant Gmail Folders Taking Up Space PROBLEM: Multiple people are having problems with their hard drive space disappearing, and consequently their backups reaching capacity. One major culprit I have found is Gmail when you access it through Apple Mail. Gmail uses a Labeling system which keeps all emails in a folder called “All Mail,” then […]

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Why Use Apple Mail?

Apples to Apples vs Apples to Oranges? Just drink the Kool-Aid! I often get asked, “Why should I use Apple Mail instead of Outlook for Mac 2011, or gmail.com web mail? The number one reason is INTEGRATION. Apple Mail is so well integrated with the Mac OSX operating system, and other Apple applications, that you […]

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