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Alicia’s blog post on TidBITS.com getting rave reviews!

If you’ve ever thought Apple’s Contacts wasn’t powerful enough for serious contact management, read Alicia’s latest blog post, Making the Most of Contacts in Mavericks, on TidBITS.com. Alicia shows you how to customize the template, issue commands, deal with duplicates, make smart groups, integrate social media, print mailing labels and use mail merge, synchronize contacts […]

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Why Use Apple Mail?

Apples to Apples vs Apples to Oranges? Just drink the Kool-Aid! I often get asked, “Why should I use Apple Mail instead of Outlook for Mac 2011, or gmail.com web mail? The number one reason is INTEGRATION. Apple Mail is so well integrated with the Mac OSX operating system, and other Apple applications, that you […]

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