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Safari’s Reader and RSS Features

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safari rss readerHave you ever noticed that when you’re on some websites, in the far right edge of Safari’s Address Bar (where the website URL is), sometimes you see a little rectangle that says either “RSS” or “Reader”?

Each of these is a feature to help you read website articles more easily.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” The button appears when the website contains a series of articles. If you click on the RSS box, all the website’s ads and navigation disappears, leaving you with a simple list of all the articles. That way you can focus on content without the distractions.

You can take RSS a step further – while on the RSS article list, there’s a column on the right side. The very bottom link says, “Subscribe in Mail.” If you click on it, then go to your Mail program, at the bottom of the list of your email folders you’ll see a new section called “RSS.” Now you can read all the new articles right in your email, without even going to the website!

When you’re on a webpage that contains only ONE article, in the right of the address bar a box will appear that says “Reader.” Click on it, and a popup will appear with just the text of the article. It will be enlarged, and all the website’s distractions will fall away. As an added bonus, if the article spans more than one webpage, you’ll see it all here so that you don’t have to click any Next buttons.

Keep an eye out for these options, and enjoy being a Safari power user!


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