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QuickBooks® Online Video Course: Advanced Topics

You’re comfortable with your daily workflow, but sometimes not all business transactions are cut-and-dried. This course goes into real-life practical situations like customer Refunds, Vendor overpayments, Bartering, automating recurring transactions, and more. Learn how to backup your file. And once all your transactions are in, there are advanced reports you can run to understand your profit, expenses, customers, and services.

It’s also an on-demand resource library, so when you have questions about a QBO feature, you can log in here to look it up!

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Module 1 Customer Situations  
Unit 1 Taking Deposits
Unit 2 Overpayment
Unit 3 Refunds
Unit 4 Credit Memos
Unit 5 Bartering
Unit 6 Module 1 Quiz
Module 2 Managing Expenses  
Unit 1 Setting Up Inventory
Unit 2 Marking Expenses as Billable
Unit 3 Vendor Credits
Unit 4 Module 2 Quiz
Module 3 Transactions  
Unit 1 Journal Entries
Unit 2 Recurring Transactions
Unit 3 Module 3 Quiz
Module 4 Advanced Reporting  
Unit 1 Which Reports are Available in Each QBO Version
Unit 2 Sales Reports
Unit 3 Review Expenses Reports
Unit 4 Accounts Receivable Reports
Unit 5 Accounts Payable Reports
Unit 6 Customized Reports
Unit 7 Sales Tax Center
Unit 8 Module 4 Quiz
Module 5 Special Topics  
Unit 1 Providing Feedback to Intuit
Unit 2 Apps to Extend QBO Abilities
Unit 3 Backing Up & Exporting Data
Unit 4 Using on a Smartphone or Tablet
Unit 5 Module 5 Quiz
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