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Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Pros Online Course


Using Microsoft Office for Mac can be daunting — but Excel algorithms and interactive PowerPoint presentations don’t have to seem like foreign languages. Join Alicia Katz Pollock for an introduction to everything creative professionals need to know to take advantage of Microsoft Office for Mac’s full potential to manage every creative project.


In this comprehensive 40-video course, Alicia will teach you the fundamentals of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook to organize, communicate, brainstorm, create, and present a variety of different creative projects. You’ll learn everything in Word from opening and formatting simple documents to creating complex manuscripts to using its desktop publishing functions to make flyers, advertising materials, and more. You’ll learn how to create a budget in Excel. You’ll use PowerPoint to create a dynamic presentation to promote your latest project. And, all along the way, Alicia will share tips and tricks for making Office run more intuitively, quickly, and efficiently, giving you the time you need to focus on your creative pursuits.

Course Reviews

“Thank you Alicia and CreativeLive. The online course and replays made the Office for the Mac my favorite course so far. Alicia is phenomenal!”
– Nanette Berge Whelen

“Thank you for a great and detailed class, Alicia!”
– Regina Walton

“Alicia, thank you for such an amazing class! I feel so fortunate to be one of your students today. You are calm, intelligent, awesome. The way you have been presenting every project is amazing. I finally get it!!!! A million thank you’s!”
– Kat Papadakis

“Alicia, I have truly enjoyed these 3 days of the Office sessions! I have learned so very much and I’ll be making the purchase to  review the content and put the additional information and skills to use. You  are a great teacher/presenter, and so very effective. Thank you and keep doing what you do, as you are great at it!”
– Peggy Allen

“Nice job, Alicia. Thanks for the creative twist on what’s usually a dry subject.”
– Kathleen Libbey

Course Videos

Session 1 (13 videos)

Segment 1-11 – Pre-show
Segment 1 – Microsoft Office: The Basics
Segment 2 – Desktop Publishing: Using Word Pt 1
Segment 3 – Desktop Publishing: Using Word Pt 2
Segment 4 – OneNote for Mac
Segment 5 – Outlook: Basics and Tasks
Segment 6 – Outlook: Using Email
Segment 7 – Outlook: Communication Tools
Segment 8 – Outlook: Calendars
Segment 9 – Excel: Budgeting Your Project
Segment 10 – Excel: Formatting a Spreadsheet
Segment 11 – Excel: Charts and Conditional Formatting
Segment 1-11 – Wrap-up

Session 2 (13 videos)

Segment 12-22 – Pre-show
Segment 12 – Word: Basic Text Formatting
Segment 13 – Word: Additional Formatting
Segment 14 – Word: Line and Paragraph Spacing
Segment 15 – Word: Page Layouts: Part 1
Segment 16 – Word: Page Layouts: Part 2
Segment 17 – Word: Watermarks and Tables
Segment 18 – Word: Intermediate Techniques
Segment 19 – Word: Adding Spreadsheets, Lines, and More
Segment 20 – Mail Merge in Word
Segment 21 – Mail Merge Labels and PowerPoint
Segment 22 – Word – Dictation and Symbols
Segment 12-22 – Wrap-up

Session 3 (14 videos)

Segment 23-33 – Pre-show
Segment 23 – Excel: Data Tables
Segment 24 – Excel: Pivot Tables
Segment 25 – Excel: More Intermediate Techniques
Segment 26 – PowerPoint: The Basics Pt 1
Segment 27 – PowerPoint: The Basics Pt 2
Segment 28 – PowerPoint: Animations
Segment 29 – PowerPoint: Transitions and Video
Segment 30 – PowerPoint: Uploading Presentations
Segment 31 – Office365 and Office for iPad: Word Pt 1
Segment 32 – Office for iPad: Word Pt 2
Segment 33 – Office for iPad: Excel and PowerPoint
Segment 23-33 – Wrap-up
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