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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts & Tips Cheat Sheet Card


A gorgeous double-sided cheatsheet full of keyboard shortcuts and tips and tricks that make using your Mac computer a breeze. This reference card includes 50 practical keyboard commands and 10 incredibly useful productivity tools that will save you hours of time. Get the max from your Macs!

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Mac users, rejoice! Now you can have all your shortcuts all together in one reference card! The front of this handy cheatsheet includes 50 keyboard shortcuts for your Mac so you can Save, Cut & Paste, and Quit without taking your hands off the keyboard. On the back you’ll discover 10 productivity tools that make your Mac easier to use than ever.

At your fingertips you’ll know how to:

  • Perform 50 Mac keyboard commands
  • Right-click without a mouse
  • Select exactly the files, pictures, or text you want
  • Get around in Microsoft Word
  • Use Spotlight to launch apps, calculate, and get driving directions
  • Zoom in on what you’re working on
  • Use Fn keys to control your volume, brightness, and Mission Control
  • Open Safari tabs
  • Look up words in the Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Share files between computers using AirDrop and iCloud Drive
  • Move the Dock
  • Switch between open apps
  • Grab screen captures


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