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Past Projects

Computer System Set Up

A PORTLAND MEDICAL CLINIC implemented new scheduling and billing software. We met with the coordinators of every department to discover what they needed the computers to do in order for their business to run effectively. Instead of simply training employees on what buttons to click, we developed a comprehensive medical management system using the software’s features.


Classroom Training

At an ACCOUNTING FIRM, we trained new employees to get them up to speed on QuickBooks.

At a LAW FIRM, we assisted in training staff during a computer conversion from Windows XP to Windows 7, and Microsoft Office 2003 to 2010. The conversion included setting up Shoretel voicemail software, MacPac templates, and document management systems.

At a HOSPITAL, we taught classes in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook to employees.

At an ADVERTISING AGENCY, we trained their entire office to use PowerPoint, including using templates so that all their team’s presentations had the same look and feel.

At a COUNSELING CENTER, we trained 10 employees on Microsoft Word, Excel, and Entourage over four half-day classes. Each employee attended sessions geared for their specific needs.

For a CREATIVE AGENCY, we trained their graphic design department on iWorks’ Pages and Keynote.

At a LAW FIRM, we provided 12 hours of job retraining on Microsoft Office for their administrative support staff when their office closed.

At POWER MACPAC, an Apple Retailer, we developed a comprehensive classroom training program for their customers, including monthly email updates and producing two training videos in Mac OSX and iPhoto.

At a BUSINESS COLLEGE, we taught classes in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Other subjects included Introduction to Business, Advertising, Human Resources, Professional Development, and Introduction to Computers.



At a SPECIALTY FOODS COMPANY, we implemented a QuickBooks Manufacturing accounting system to track inventory assemblies and raw materials.

For a CONTRACTOR, we set up his QuickBooks so he could submit estimates and turn them into progressive invoices.

For a RETAIL BIKE SHOP, we set up QuickBooks Online to be used like a cash register, tracking all his sales and inventory right as every sale was made. We set up his merchant services so each credit card transaction automatically  deposited into the bank, eliminating daily batching steps.


Systems Development

At a PORTLAND MEDICAL CLINIC, we developed a Microsoft Access database to track new patient financial classes, used by registrars at four branches. Each front desk clerk used to write every patient in a ledger by hand, count the names by financial class, then send the numbers to the CFO, who would compile them. Now each registrar simply fills out a 5-field automated form in the same networked database. The CFO opens it quarterly and runs a simple query. Estimated savings: $20,000/yr. Cost to build: $2,000.

At a PORTLAND MEDICAL CLINIC: We worked with the Worker’s Compensation billing associate to create an Access database of insurance companies, and a labeling system. By saving her one hour a day, our 5 hours of design and training saved the clinic $4,000 in just the first year.

At a PORTLAND NON-PROFIT, we met with all employees to see how they organized their individual clients’ spreadsheets and documentation. We developed a Best Practices list, and trained each employee to save their work the same way so that all the files were consistent.


Resource Management

For a PORTLAND EQUIPMENT REPAIR COMPANY, we developed a custom FileMaker Pro database to track work orders in the field, for use on laptops, iPhone and iPad.

For a PORTLAND HOME AND GARDEN MAGAZINE, we developed a FileMaker Pro database to manage their advertising sales.



GUSSIE MCROBERT, former Mayor of Gresham, had us design the layout of her memoirs. We assisted in the preflight process of her manuscript for several publishers, as well as self-publishing through smashwords.com, amazon.com and lulu.com.

For several AUTHORS, we followed book publisher guidelines to prepare Microsoft Word manuscripts for printing.



For a PRUDENTIAL REAL ESTATE AGENT, we designed a PowerPoint presentation for conferences on using e-mail as a real estate selling tool. We also designed a mail merge template for his monthly postcard mailings.

For a MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS CONSULTANT, we turned a PowerPoint presentation into a 1-hr company promotional movie. We also turned a Word document of financial industry terms into a searchable FileMaker Pro database for retail distribution.



At several LAW FIRMS, we created complex templates for their court briefings using advanced Styles in Microsoft Word.


Internal Communications

At a PORTLAND MEDICAL CLINIC: A Microsoft FrontPage intranet allowed the clinic to share information across departments, including phone lists, health plan patient referral data, human resources information, insurance eligibility, maintenance requests, employee bulletin board, and much more. We trained all their employees on computer usage and email in weekly classes.

At a BEST-KNOWN SPORTSWEAR COMPANY, we converted all of their internal Word documents to a template system, so all internal communication was formatted identically and stored on a server.


Data Analysis

At an ADVERTISING AGENCY, we first trained them on Excel Pivot Tables and Charts. They hired us to come in and transform their raw customer satisfaction data into a detailed survey analysis using Excel. We then turned it into a PowerPoint presentation to show the results to their employees.


Customer Appreciation Parties

A MAJOR FINANCIAL SERVICES CORPORATION held a customer appreciation happy hour for their best and prospective customers. We did a whiz-bang iPad demo featuring wow-factor tips and tricks. We personalized the content to their target audience – financial apps, productivity, QuickBooks Online demonstrations.