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Learn Excel in 3 Hours Flat

Yes, you can learn Excel in 3 hours! Crunching numbers in a spreadsheet is only daunting until you know what you’re doing. Our class teaches you the essentials of not just beginning-level Excel, but some of the more advanced features that are essential to working with your numbers.

This is also an on-demand resource library, so when you have questions about an Excel feature, you can log in here to look it up! Please bookmark this page for quick access.

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Module 1 Introduction  
Unit 1 How Can I Learn Excel in 3 Hours Flat?
Module 2 Entering Data  
Unit 1 Exploring the Interface
Unit 2 Building Your First SpreadSheet
Module 3 Performing Calculations  
Unit 1 Formulas and Functions
Unit 2 Absolute Cell References
Module 4 Formatting: Making It Look Good!  
Unit 1 Cell and Text Formatting
Unit 2 Conditional Formatting
Module 5 Charts  
Unit 1 Sparklines
Unit 2 Charts
Module 6 Data Analysis  
Unit 1 Data Tables
Unit 2 Pivot Tables
Unit 3 Tracing Dependencies
Module 7 Printing  
Unit 1 Printing Your Handiwork
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