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Efficiency Tip: One-Click Access Using Your Mac Dock

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Alicia’s latest Lynda.com blog post focuses on creating an efficient workspace by using your Mac Dock, instead of your Desktop, for one-click access to your files.

Mac Dock

Here’s an excerpt:

Is your Mac desktop covered with icons?

You may think this gives you easy access to your most-used applications, files, and folders. But in fact, you’re working outside your Mac’s built-in file management system. It’s a bad habit you may have brought over from your Windows days—and Apple has better options.

I’m going to show you how to clean up your desktop while customizing your Mac Dock for one-click access to every file, folder, and app on your computer.

There are three drawbacks to leaving everything on your desktop:

1) Your brain sees overwhelming clutter.

2) Each little icon is considered an open window, so it slows down your computer.

3) It’s like having a locking filing cabinet and leaving everything stacked on top. It’s neither secure nor organized.

The only things that should remain on your Desktop are items you’re in the process of sharing or moving. When you’re done with them, put them away.

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