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2016-09-24 Safari Surfing

Go out onto the web with greater confidence after taking this class. Learn about the hidden powers of Google to find exactly what you’re looking for. Know how to avoid fake support popups to stay secure and not waste your money! When we help people, the problems we see them have stem from organizing Favorites, understanding the toolbar options, and making use of the Reading List.

Safari’s Bookmarks and Favorites sync through iCloud to all your devices, so it’s important to organize the pages you save so you can find them easily on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Did you know you can use iCloud Tabs to instantly “hand off” webpages from your iPhone/iPad to your computer and back again? When you download something, where does it go?

We’ll answer all these questions and play with a number of slick features that make surfing the internet a pleasure.

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