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QuickBooks® Online: Essential Business Transactions

So you’re up and running with QuickBooks® Online…now what? How do you manage customer accounts, enter sales, and track expenses? This essential course will walk you through your typical daily workflow and show you how to handle transactions easily.

It’s also an on-demand resource library, so when you have questions about a QBO feature, you can log in here to look it up!

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Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Getting Started
Unit 2Module 1 Quiz
Module 2Using the Interface
Unit 1Tour
Unit 2Transactions Screen
Unit 3Dynamic Buttons
Unit 4Keyboard Shortcuts
Unit 5QuickBooks Labs
Unit 6Module 2 Quiz
Module 3Defining Products and Services
Unit 1Overview
Unit 2Services
Unit 3Products
Unit 4Module 3 Quiz
Module 4Working with Customers
Unit 1Working with the Customer Center
Unit 2Sales Settings
Unit 3Adding New Customers
Unit 4Generic Customers
Unit 5Inactivating/Deleting Customers
Unit 6Merging Customers
Unit 7Sales Receipts
Unit 8Invoices
Unit 9Receive Payments
Unit 10Estimates
Unit 11Bank Deposits
Unit 12Module 4 Quiz
Module 5Working with Vendors
Unit 1Working with the Vendor Center
Unit 2Accounts Payable Settings
Unit 3Adding New Vendors
Unit 4Cleaning Up the Vendor List
Unit 5Creating and Paying Bills
Unit 6Writing Checks
Unit 7Printing Checks
Unit 8Using Credit Cards
Unit 9Module 5 Quiz
Module 6Running Reports
Unit 1Reports Center
Unit 2Your Profit & Loss Report
Unit 3The Balance Sheet Report
Unit 4Company Snapshot
Unit 5The Scorecard
Unit 6Module 6 Quiz
Module 7Doing Your Banking
Unit 1Transfers
Unit 2Reconciling
Unit 3Bank Feed: Importing Transactions
Unit 4Bank Feed: Tips and Troubleshooting
Unit 5Bank Feed: Matching Deposits, Loans and Transfers
Unit 6Module 7 Quiz
Module 8Special Topics
Unit 1Providing Feedback to Intuit
Unit 2Customer Workflow Summary
Unit 3Daily Bookkeeping
Unit 4Top 10 Mistakes People Make
Unit 5Module 8 Quiz
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