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personal.xlsb doesn't load

When Personal.XLSB in Excel fails to load

I spent several hours today creating an extensive Excel Macro to combine two reports exported out of QuickBooks Premier. I created a Customer:Job Status report and a Job Profitability report, blending them into an Excel table that would allow my client to filter by Job Status, and use Conditional Formatting to colorize it based on profit margin […]

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Email Apps to Mix and Match

There are dozens of email apps out there. You can log into Gmail in your browser, Outlook on a PC, or Apple Mail on a Mac. But they each have their own way of managing your emails. Back in the day, when you downloaded a message, it only lived on the first device that saw it […]

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Clipboard Utilities are the Ultimate Time Saver

Remember Microsoft Office’s “Clippy”? Twenty years ago, the friendly little assistant popped up when you needed help in Microsoft Word and Excel. Much aligned, Microsoft did away with him. But if you paid careful attention, his great little tips and tricks showed you dozens of techniques you wouldn’t discover on your own. I think Clippy is responsible for […]

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travefy travel organizer

I Lava Travefy.com

Hawaii 5-0! A friend recently turned me on to a travel organizer called http://www.travefy.com. It’s a free website that gives you the tools you need to keep track of your travel info and activities. Six of my best friends from college turn 50 this year. They decided to have a 50th birthday party next month: Hawaii 5-0! Ten of us […]

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Tech Evolution

The Tech Evolution Business Revolution

One of the things I love about computer support is that my job never gets old. Computer operating systems and software updates happen almost every day. For the most part, these improvements are wonderful, and helpful. Interestingly, they’re also increasingly invisible. You’ll happily work away, and then find a feature works slightly differently than it did […]

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Master QuickBooks Online from Setup to Tax Time

QBOA for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Over the past few years, my business owner clients have increasingly moved off of QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) and onto QuickBooks Online (QBO). At first, about 5 years ago, this move could only be made by companies with the simplest of needs. QBO just wasn’t feature-rich enough. But fast forward to today…QBO has become robust. The only […]

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